The Luke Project 52 Clinic

Luke 52 Clinic

By Lynne Cobb, English District Communications Coordinator

Note: This mission is located in Detroit, MI. While it is not an English District mission, it does give an opportunity for the District’s churches in the metro Detroit area to become involved if they feel called to do so. Or, perhaps, is a there is a similar ministry in your area. Please share with the District how you are caring for those in your community.

Recently, the English District was introduced to “The Luke Project 52 Clinic.” The clinic is “Pro Women – Pro Hope – Pro Life.” According to Rev. Brad Garrison RPh, Director, this project has been well-received in the city of Detroit. The goal is to reduce infant mortality in the city, as it is one of the highest in the nation.

Currently, Rev. Garrison is working on the issue of sustainability.

“Since we began seeing patients last October after building out the clinic in our pilot project at Family of God Lutheran in SW Detroit, we have already reached max capacity and will have to expand our current medical staff and either days of operation or number of exam rooms (i.e., our mobile unit which we are hoping to order this fall) or we will be faced with the unacceptable alternative of turning people who need help away.”

Current needs for sustainability would be to find 50 congregations who would be willing to support this ministry by including the project in their annual mission budget. Rev. Garrison is available to preach and teach at those congregations at no charge in exchange for the opportunity to share the story of The Luke Project 52 Clinic with the pastor's support.

Additionally, the clinic needs qualified healthcare professionals who would be willing to serve once or twice a month. The need is particularly high for nurses with pediatric experience.

Donations, such as diapers, baby clothes and other baby items, are needed as specific needs change based on requests.

There is a huge need for helpers in the children's activity area, as they have been getting 15-20 kids each clinic, and they would like to do more than just child care, with the goal of breaking out kids behind in their development.

“I would be glad to visit more with the English District and am available to bring you up to speed on the short- and long-range vision of the Project. In short, we want to save babies, change lives, and help churches in Jesus' name.”

To learn more, watch this video by clicking on this link, or contact Rev. Brad Garrison RPh, Director, The Luke Project 52 Clinic. At (734) 646-8206, or visit

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